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Saturday, November 7, 2009

Web Based Forex Software Versus Client Based Forex Software

The modern technology had a big impact on the field of currency trading
putting the entire mechanism behind it on steroids. Nowadays, any forex broker will tell you that forex currency trading software is very important in this line of work because it provides all the necessary information and also numerous clients with real time market prices.

There are two types of currency trading software available on the market: one is client based while the other is web based. Both of them offer real time information about everything happening on the Forex market.

The real time updates are very important because they influence both the entry and the exit points.

Forex web based-software is only installed on the broker’s site while the client-based software must be installed on the client’s system and must be synchronized with the broker's currency trading software.

The common practice has proven that the web based software is the most used program because it’s more safe and effective. Despite all that, the main reason for its popularity is the mobility it provides: every client uses only an ID and a password in order to log in from any computer all around the world requiring only an Internet connection.

As you can see it’s far more convenient than using the client based currency trading software that works only a single computer. Even then, you still need an internet connection to download updates to the software.

The main objective of any financial software is to protect the stored data from hackers. That’s why the program encrypts the information before transmitting it but even so there’s still a small risk of losing some packages along the way.

Currency trading software is working with data servers in order to have access to the stored website content and the user’s transactions and secure the data.

Unfortunately any natural disaster or power outage can shut down a server and that’s why it’s recommended to use two servers at two different locations so that the safety of the data will be 100% guaranteed.

Sometimes the data transmission can be delayed and this can happen due to low Internet connection speed and long distance between the client’s machine and the main server.

As you can see, the Internet connection is very important with currency trading but if you cannot solve this problem you can always ask a local broker to help you. Now you won’t have to suffer any losses because your Internet provider is having some technical difficulties.

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