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Sunday, April 10, 2011

[DPI] Rentals + Sales [Palm Shoreline + Discovery + International City + Marina]

Dear All,

For Rent
Dubai Marina ,Sulafa Tower
3 Bed room
Full sea View, Higher Floor
for Rent
Rent= 120,000 AED in one or two cheques only
Palm Jumierah , Shoreline Apartment
2Bed Room
Full Furnished
Full Sea and Burj Al Arab View.
Rent = 230,000 AED in one or two cheques.
International City, Greece Cluster
One Bed for Rent
K12 Building
Rent = Give Offer
For Sale
Discovery Garden
Mogual Cluster
Price = 355,000 AED Net
Mogual Cluster
Price = 340,000 AED Net
Rented in 45k (One Cheque)
Mediteranean Cluster
4 Apartments in Same Building.
Two Apartments in 375,000 AED Each. (Rented in 390,000 and 40,000 AED)
Two apartments in 350,000 AED Each. (Vacant Units)
Irfan Zafar

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