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Thursday, April 7, 2011

<<Aiii>> Gold & Silver Chart Patterns: in strong bull markets

I have been writing about gold's chart pattern for more than a year.
There has been a few requests of late to write about silver. So, here
is my first shot at silver's chart pattern. I must confess that I'm
not a great fan of investing in precious metals because there are no
returns other than capital gains.

Part of the 'fun' in stock market investing is being able to analyse
Annual Reports to uncover what businesses have been doing to stay
ahead, and discover 'below the radar' small companies that can become
future stars. Buying precious metals is as exciting as investing in a
cumulative fixed deposit in a bank – only riskier.

If an investor is looking for diversification, allocating 5-10% of
one's portfolio to gold and silver may not be a bad idea. More so now,
because investments in both precious metals have been performing
phenomenally well.

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