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Monday, April 4, 2011

Black and white nails?

Hey, all...

Need some fashion advice for MYSELF for once :D  I was invited to a fancy-schmancy wedding by one of my clients.  It is at the art museum, and all the guests are supposed to wear black, white, or a combination.  I just won an auction for a dress, and I found some shoes I like that seem to match perfectly.  Here are the dress and the shoes:

The question... would it be "too much" to have black and white nails as well?  I was thinking of maybe doing a white nail with black free-edge or vice versa.  Or do you have other suggestions?

The bride is wearing nails and toenails that will match her dress (which is not white ;) shhhh!)  I am so excited for this event!

Amy Lunde-Provines
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