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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Stock_for_YOU India BOP imrpoves, Current Account Deficit Declines As Software Exports Shine

Strong software services exports and workers' remittances resulted in narrowing the current-account deficit in 3QFY11. While ECB and banking capital inflows gained traction, inflows under FDI and short-term loans deteriorated, resulting in a subdued capital account surplus. We see improvement in both current and capital account balances in 4QFY11.

n       Lowest current a/c deficit in six quarters. India 's current account deficit (CAD) for 3QFY11 narrowed to US$9.7bn (2.3% of GDP), against US$12.2bn (3.5% of GDP) a year earlier. During Apr-Dec 2010, however, the CAD, at US$38.9bn, was much higher than the US$25.5bn deficit in the same period last year.

n       Goods trade deficit widens. Despite higher growth in exports vs. imports, the merchandise trade deficit marginally increased to US$31.6bn in 3QFY11 from US$30.9bn in the year-ago quarter.

n       Spurt in both software exports and remittances. The software services exports in 3QFY11 increased 14.6% to US$14.7bn, the highest ever in a quarter, against US$12.9bn a year ago. Workers' remittances rose 5.2% to US$13.4bn in 3QFY11 from US$12.8bn in the year-ago quarter.

n       Non-software services remains a drag. Though the balance of non-software services exports in 3QFY11 were a drag (a US$2.6bn deficit), it has markedly improved from the US$4.7bn deficit of the year-earlier quarter.

n       Subdued capital a/c surplus. The capital account surplus rose only marginally to US$14.9bn in 3QFY11, against US$14.6bn a year ago. While inflows under portfolio investment, external commercial borrowing (ECB) and banking capital gained some traction over 3QFY10, inflows under foreign direct investment (FDI) and short-term trade credits were subdued.

n       ECB inflows gaining traction. ECB inflows rose to US$3.6bn in 3QFY11, against US$1.7bn a year earlier. Banking capital inflows surged to US$4.9bn in 3QFY11 from US$1.9bn a year ago. 

n       Outlook. We expect the current account deficit to narrow further in 4QFY11 for two reasons: (a) high exports growth vs. imports resulting in narrowing of the merchandise trade deficit; (b) higher invisible surplus on buoyant software services exports and strong remittances. We maintain our call that the current account deficit would be around US$45bn in FY11.

Safe Harbor Statement:

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