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Thursday, November 10, 2011

[Coworking] Re: Interesting move: Workantile rebrands to focus even more on community

The author kindly removed all of my expletives.  I believe the orignal quote was "This is not a fucking office space, goddammit." :p

The "rebranding" is really a red herring. We've always branded ourselves as a community but have never been able to get the local press to understand how we're not an office rental. I could spend all day talking independence, happiness, camaraderie, community, public events, and fraternité and still end up reading articles with facepalm lines like "local business offers cheap downtown desks to unemployed."

So, although we *have* technically changed legal ownership (our founder is off doing other projects now), we're abusing that fact to gain another round of press attention that I'm determined to not fuck up.  The author's key moment of understanding came from sending her to Tony's article and then *forcing her to listen to me read it aloud while we were on the phone*.

"Oh, so you're not, like, some small Regus?". I almost cried.

Anywho, y'all could render immeasurable aide by chiming in about Coworking on the article. Articles with lots of interaction get bumped to the twice-weekly print edition which still hits ~ 1/3 of Ann Arbor households.


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