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Saturday, November 12, 2011

NailTech:: Re: brisa thumb lifting

I don't use Brisa, but do they have a more flexible stronger bonding
gel? Sometimes that helps. I never see more lifting in the winter
(I'm in Seattle, so only an hour and a half from you). But I use a
flexible bonding gel from Akzentz soak off line, which helps when
people tend to be lifters. So many you can find something in the
Brisa line that would work better. Things shouldn't be harder when it
gets colder, that would drive me nuts. :)

On Nov 4, 5:18 pm, Roxanne <> wrote:
> I have two clients that I've had in Brisa p&w for three years. never had
> a problem. All of the sudden their thumbs are not holding. I've done
> them separately under the lights laying them flat and I just recently
> changed my lights (when they showed signs of lifting).
> It's just on the thumbs, the rest are holding fine, no lifting,
> pockets... etc.
> The one lady has a extremely curved thumb nail, you could fit the curve
> of a dime on her nail. The other has a Ridge down the center, like a
> peak on a roof. theres a split there if it's not covered. But like I
> said, I've had both ladies in the same gel for 3+ years with no
> problems. Why all the sudden?
> Thanks for your thoughts.
> Roxanne

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