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Sunday, November 6, 2011

[JavaTraders] Options and Graphing Software

Greetings. I am actually primarily a .NET developer, but I follow this
group because of the good discussions.

I was wondering you have any recommendations for software or
frameworks that help statistically understand options, for example
both historical and real time pricing. I was hoping there could be
tools that help run statistical analysis, chart, and graph attributes
of options.

An example of historical analysis would be I'd like to be able to do
things like look at time decays across different expiration date for
the same or different underlying stocks to see the optimum period to
buy or sell and option if I am going to roll them over.

An example of real time analysis would be to be able to write a
formula to compare strike prices and expiration date to find the "best

Additionally, do you know a source of historical or current option
data? Does anyone know if Interactive Brokers provides this?

Thank you so much for your time.


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