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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Re: NailTech:: brisa thumb lifting

Well I replaced the thumb, we shall see in 2 weeks how it does.

What i did notice when I started to file the gel that was left so I
could start new, the WHOLE piece looks like it didn't even adhere to the
nail which is not typical AT ALL. I also noticed i have two bottles of
primer, one is pretty old, judging by the position of it in my drawer I
think I used it instead of the new. But my guess is it wouldn't be JUST
the thumb lifting if it was the primer. It could be a combo of both.

When I redid the thumb I watched how she laid it in the light.
Interesting... even just the thumb in the light she cocked it just
enough to shadow the outside edge.

Thanks for the thoughts,

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