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Monday, November 7, 2011

Stock_for_YOU Munjal Showa-Munjals May Buy-Out Showa Japan (Rumour)

The Munjals of Munjal Showa are likely to Buy-Out the 26 per cent stake of Showa Corpn, Japan just as elder brother Hero Honda bought over the stake of Honda Japan.
This is a pure market rumour.
Safe Harbor Statement:

Some forward looking statements on projections, estimates, expectations & outlook are included to enable a better comprehension of the Company prospects. Actual results may, however, differ materially from those stated on account of factors such as changes in government regulations, tax regimes, economic developments within India and the countries within which the Company conducts its business, exchange rate and interest rate movements, impact of competing products and their pricing, product demand and supply constraints.
Nothing in this article is, or should be construed as, investment advice.


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