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Monday, November 14, 2011

[Coworking] Small coworking spaces & flex desks

Hello all!

As announced, we are working on building a coworking space in Malaga (Spain).

We are very happy to see that people are really interested in being
part of a coworking community and to participate in building the best
space. We are hoping to be open in December.

The space we have have is small, around 75 m2 (807 square feet), but
we want to have both fixed and flexible desks. We think that flexible
desks are very valuable for a coworking community, as people don't
seat all the time on the same desks, and new conversations and
discussions can start.

But, as it is a small space, people interested in flex desks are
starting to wonder whether there will be space for them when they show

How do you guys manage these sort of questions? Do you own a small
coworking space with flexible desks? How do you sort out this problem?




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