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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

NailTech:: Gel Polishes Shellac/Artisan/Elfa

Hi Teks,
  I ordered a few Artisan Gel Polishes and found it very nice to apply, even though it is out of a pot instead of a polish bottle.  It went on very smooth, not like the other gels I have that feel like you have to MAKE it go on the nail!  LOL!  Has anyone tried this brand?  I'm hoping it lasts because I really like the way it goes on!  I also ordered the Elfa brand of sealer.  Not too impresssed with that one I'm afraid.  Its only been on me a few days and I've got some chipping going on.  It wasn't as shiny as Gelousy or Shellac either.  Is there a perfect gel for me out there!? 
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