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Monday, November 14, 2011

NailTech:: sog with polish

I know this has been ask many times before...will polish stay on the sog?  The polish seemed fine when she left.  I hope it doesn't peel off.  She is a new client with traditional gel on.  She did not want sog, soaking it off causes her nails to curl.  I filled her nails with sog and polished.  I told her we will file it off instead of soaking.  Sog is all I have. I didn't have time to file off the gel and start over.  She told the receptionist she had gels on.  I bought the traditional gel today.  I've tried to work with them in the past, I didn't like it.  I hope after working with the sog's (makes me want to say s.o.b.) it will be easier??

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