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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

[Coworking] Re: Making "hotdesks" work for software developers

I use the mix strategy of having full-time and hot desk options. Just
as Alex mentioned this is for cultural and financial reasons because
the consistency of full-time members helps make people feel
comfortable here. I would like to see a 25% to 33% mix of full-timers
with hot desking, but that number is always adjustable (likely
lowered) because I love the extra energy of hot desks. For financial
reasons I charge a premium for full-time desks at twice the rate of a
3 day/week hot desking membership at $350.

Geoff, take a careful look at the design of your space and see if
adding a permanent desk is possible. If so, I would recommend it. If
you charge them for it and the energy is good than they will most
likely use it and the dead space problem may not be as big of a
problem as you imagine.

Creative Density

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