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Friday, November 4, 2011

NailTech:: brisa thumb lifting

I have two clients that I've had in Brisa p&w for three years. never had
a problem. All of the sudden their thumbs are not holding. I've done
them separately under the lights laying them flat and I just recently
changed my lights (when they showed signs of lifting).

It's just on the thumbs, the rest are holding fine, no lifting,
pockets... etc.

The one lady has a extremely curved thumb nail, you could fit the curve
of a dime on her nail. The other has a Ridge down the center, like a
peak on a roof. theres a split there if it's not covered. But like I
said, I've had both ladies in the same gel for 3+ years with no
problems. Why all the sudden?

Thanks for your thoughts.

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