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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

[Coworking] Re: Speaker or event ideas?

Our most successful events have been based on members needs. Our
general theory is that our day events is for members and some are run
by members. The evenning events are generally outside Meetups put on
by outside groups.

This month we are starting a Denver Business Book Club and Creative
Flex. Some members are really excited about the new book club because
we are all reading certain books but never get to talk about them
since they aren't pop culture phenomenons. The Creative Flex will be a
weekly/bi-weekly event during the day where members will come together
for a creative activity; many in which I'm taking from college
courses. This is a fun way for members to brainstorm and work together
for an hour. Bonding time!

Next month we are probably starting a show-and-tell as well. A member
is taking this one over and I'm assisting.

Other events:
Idea kick
Denver Community Manager
Drupal Chix
WordPress Happy Hour

Craig Baute
Creative Density

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