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Sunday, October 30, 2011

NailTech:: Re: Need wording for price increase

I agree Jill!! Half the strategy of raising prices is timing! I
always say the end of October because no one will look for a new nail
tech during the holidays and by january they will forget or be used to
it. You can raise them immediately, and send the note out saying "As a
valued client you will receive the old pricing until dec 1st" It's
also the time of the year people look for new techs so you want the
price changed before they get on your books do they start at the
higher price.
Love the idea of including the referral special in the letter!

On Oct 29, 10:52 pm, Jill in Ky <> wrote:
> One year I'll increase mani's and pedi's by $1-$2, then skip a year,
> then the next year I'll raise the nail enhancement services & gel
> polishes. That way all clients aren't hit by the increase all at once,
> yet I still get that cost of living increase.
> As for letting them know.....I post it at my station a month in
> advance. I also change it on my web site, too, for those clients that
> I only see a few times per year. I don't apologize or go into lengthy
> explanations.....does Walmart, Target, your dentist or doctor or any
> other business do that? No, they just raise the prices. Clients
> understand why price increases happen.
> This is how I do it:
> "As of Dec. 1st some prices will be higher:
> 1) manicures- $30
> 2) pedicures- $45
> 3) spa pedicures- $48
> Thank you for understanding & I look forward to providing you with the
> best nails possible!
> Sincerely, your nail tech
> But each of us has to find our own way that we're comfortable with. I
> personally wouldn't raise prices in January, but would do it Nov. or
> Dec. because the holiday festivities are in those months and women
> have parties to go to, out to town relatives to visit, & many are
> expecting jewelry so they need to have their nails looking good.
> What do they have to look forward to in January? Hhhhmmmmm.......going
> on a diet by joining Weight Watchers for that New Years resolution,
> the disappointment of not getting that ring they were anticipating, a
> big credit card bill for all the Christmas presents, plus their nail
> tech is raising her prices. All that combined just gives them one more
> reason to justify NOT spending their money at the nail salon. JMHO
> Jill Wright
> Bowling Green, KY.
> On Oct 29, 6:02 pm, Blinginabox <> wrote:
> > Hi everyone! I haven't increased my prices in awhile and quite frankly
> > the prices of product just keeps going up. So can any of you give me a
> > nice saying to post at my salon to be effective January 1st. I think
> > that is giving enough time.
> > Thanks
> > Kim

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