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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

[Coworking] Join me in Berlin at the European Coworking conference this week - extra ticket, big savings

I'm looking forward to this week's European Coworking Conference in Berlin, with nearly 200 participants highlighting the latest innovations in coworking models from near and far. I found last year's inaugural gathering (in Brussels) very inspirational and connection-rich, providing new perspectives on how the core community concept has evolved and adapted to different cultures and economic environments.

The conference registration price is normally 295 Euros, but my sweetie can't make it, so I've got her seat at the event available for sale for just 245 Euros; based on deals I found via AirBnB and hostels, that savings could pay for your accommodations or regional travel (I found a private room within walking distance for under 20 Euros a night).

I'll do what I can to report on the event, both online during it and afterwards in person with a Bay Area report-back, hopefuly in collaboration with some of the folks from this area who are participating.

Raines, Coworking Coach and community organizer

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