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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

[Coworking] Making "hotdesks" work for software developers

Hi, gang! I'm hoping to tap into the collective intelligence to get
perspective on a question we're facing. We have organized our
coworking center around offering hotdesk service only. If someone
wants a dedicated desk, we offer that through our larger innovation
center (

However, we're finding that some software developers really want to
have both a dedicated desk AND participate in the coworking center
community (it's not that our innovation center has no community, but
compared to a coworking center, it's "community light"). Just offering
a second monitor that they can plug their laptop into doesn't seem to
be enough: they want to leave a desktop computer there all the time.

Our concerns are that offering a dedicated desk would have a revenue
impact -- we count on being able to oversell our physical seating by
at least 2X, to make the center work financially -- and we are also
concerned that we would see those dedicated desks sitting empty much
of the time, which has a deadening impact: someone obviously sits
there, but they're not around. We also value the simplicity of the
offer: one price, that's it.

Has anyone else run into a similar problem with accommodating
someone's need for dedicated space? Are there any substitutes you've
found that have worked well?


Cambridge Coworking Center
v: +1.617.758.4200
f: +1.617.401.3700

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